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Wish I were a poet

A rebel with a cause

Angry young man

sharp, cynical, sarcastic

searching for faults in everything and everyman

if only to reassure myself

I am not the only imperfect one


King of Wishful Thinking


Some of us


Impossible things


It is very simple


Other ones


The simplest things

And know in advance

It will be impossible


I, too

Wish  simpler things

For some of us easy

To attain

For others

Forever an impossibility


The ultimate tear


You wanted to be born as a tear

In my eye

Alive on my cheek

To find death on my lips


For now

you will not see

the light of life


you will be the first


born in this eye

existing on my cheek

to dry on my lips


the most beautiful tear

ever cried

out laughing




I can’t bear teardrops

Not one or two, let alone three

I know them

They know me


I love raindrops though

Falling from clouds

Impossible to know them all

there are too many


I can wipe those raindrops

But I’d rather wipe my tears


To no avail


They keep coming back

again and again



Conversation in silence


Words are superfluous

Sound not necessary

Silence is sufficient


The wink of an eye

The slightest touch of your hand

The sensation of feeling your fingers combing my hair


Just knowing, feeling you are here

tells me

all is well




Man makes an awful amount of sound

Without saying anything profound

The deepest conversation I ever had

Was with Robert, the sleeping cat


On Myself


I, with you, myself

I, in a crowd of people,

Not loyal to myself


Empty Chairs




Once born

One foot put on the

Staircase of the bus

One gets a one-way ticket

To a divine destination

Distance unknown

Varying for each one of us

Travelers through life

Slaves of the inevitable




The driver

(doesn’t he have

Holes in his feet?)

Shows you to your seat

All similar at first sight

But their difference  is only revealed

As the bus is on its way

With travelers through life

Slaves of the inevitable




Not alone,

One is surrounded by

Companions, companions in distress

Some you love, some you don’t

Some you more or less take for granted

Captivated in candid, careless, casual,

Sometimes clamorous conversation

Of travelers through life

Slaves of the inevitable




The manager, the driver

Determines the fate of every passenger's life

A false, misleading, rather

Fascinating, fantastic

However haphazard predicted fate

Of travelers through life

Slaves of the inevitable




Not fair,

It all seems so wrong

Shouldn’t it take long

Before one gets there?


I am getting more and more


That the people you feel close to,

Who understand and recognize you

Are the ones that leave their seats early


Way too soon actually 

For me to be able

to continue comfortably on my own


Ode to a wise man


Spring has just begun

Touching all the trees and flowers

With rays of the sun

And lots of rain



I am heading for the graveyard

Where I can still visit you


(whose obstinacy, lust for life,

Manners and the way your hairline receded, resemble mine)


You do not have a doorbell

So I knock a hello

On the marble tombstone,

Black and heavy,

Like the overcoat I am wearing

In remembrance of you


(only yours was green, with those brown round carved-in coat buttons)


Normally you do not answer

So I do not expect it now

As I focus my gaze at your celloloid glasses with those celluloid eyes

Looking at something behind me

(The grave of your first born and gone daughter?)


I am asking for your wise support

As  I am confiding all my troubled secrets

To you in silence


Standing there,

Hands on my back,

In a quiet conversation

My eyes fixed on your black and white

smiling face


I, cross-eyed and cripple,

Notice a presence

As if eyes are staring at me

And then, it seems as if you blink an eye

And say: ‘it will be ok, my boy, just wait and see’


Reassured again,

I turn around and make my way back to the cemetry gate.

Not noticing there is no photo of you and never has been 

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