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Signs (Watch out! A dachshund!)



in the stars

in tarot cards

registration plates on cars

in the look of a black cat’s eye

full moon, the tide is high

so why not mars?


Looking for signs

Always reading between the lines

Searching for confidence

Is it conspiracy or coincedence?



            In colourprints

            In headwind

            In false pretentions

            Fake implantations

            In ascending

            In falling down


Signs in pretending one day to wear the crown




See that boy strolling

Taking shelter behind

Looks that kill


Yet I know

That he, just like me,

Has the same

Kind of feelings

He’s a cloudwalker


There he goes again


Head in the clouds


His dream


Yet I know that he

Just like me

Has the same kind of feelings

He ’s a cloudwalker


Look, he’s here again

Flying now

On the wings of his thoughts


Yet I know

That he

Just like me

Has the same

Kind of feelings

He’s a cloudwalker


That boy, the cloudwalker

I know him well,

Because the king of fantasy

Is actually





I look closely

In the mirror

What I see

Is my reflected self

The person you perceive

A scorpio


If you’d look further

Then my glasses

But examinated my soul

Who you would get to know

Is who i am inside

An aries


The Observer


Not amongst the houses

Nor in the fields of green

But somewhere in the middle

Somewhere inbetween

Is living the observer

In his fortress on a hill

Behind a reinforced wall

To protect him from it all

Hardly no one’s ever been there

Or been brave enough to dare


The observer does not care

It amuses him, rather

He laughs at those

Who dare

but fail and fall

The more successfull await a second

Even thicker wall


Yet when you treat him

With dignity and sincere respect

He could, eventually,

Put the door ajar

And when he likes what he sees

He could even show some more


Questions of life



Death is like a magnet

Humans try to

get away from 

But to no avail




Death is a tunnel

At the end of the tunnel

There’s a force

A life sucking force

To which we are drawn

And most of us

Are desperately searching for

Emergency exits





Like a baby boy

Exclaiming deformed shrieks (of joy?)

Grasping air

With little pink hands

Giving crooked smiles

To anyone who bends over

The cradle


From the first yell and belch

He talks in silence and gestures


Not yet able to express his thoughts

And feelings into words

For what seems like forever,

Caged in the mind


The deepest conversation he ever had,

Was with Robert the black old cat.

the look in his eyes said he understood

him better than any human being  ever could  




I travel in time

Back to the beginning

Between eternity

And struggling on

The battle of attention

The battle of being

In spite of an aching head


Self conceit

Facing claims on me

and the demands to live up to expectations

I did not want any of


An aching head

Brains tormented

Inner struggle

Whining pain



Nearly exploded

Defused in time,

Battle of attention is won

And a malfunction


Traveller in time

Relive the story

Between battle and embarrassment

The battle of attention

I didn’t want to get

Now with the malfunction and the lengths they go to hide it


The failure

Facing the demands to answer insinuations and mockeries

I didn’t ask for, but got them anyway


Hand cramped or hidden in sleeves

Inner struggle for perfection

And self esteem

In the battle of lost attention

At its lowest, as the mirror reflected

what I did not want to be confronted with


Traveller in time

Trying to enjoy the here and now

Between torment and acknowledgement

The battle for attention

Afraid for another rejection

Receiving sympathy and understanding

But not really

I can sense that, you know 

(but in fact you don't

want to know)


Now I have a head that aches

Inner struggle

Doubt and suspicion

Confusing thoughts

and conflicting emotions

Which one is the right one?

Will it ever end?




Last night

I dreamt

My body was healed


“My dear”,

You whispered,

Now we are both





I can see you


I can’t touch you


I see you here

In my room

I reach out

But you’re not really there

Only air




I want to be a poet

Let me be a poet



I am a daydreamer

Let me dream all day



I want to change my life

Let me change my life



I like to drown in self-pity

Let me drown then



I would like to get to know myself

Let me go and look for him



I want to live my life to the fullest

I want to live



I want this

I want that

I want something else

Let me want it

But do not spoil it


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